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Why is it that everything goes to shit after an _n_ amount of years?

It's like no matter what you build after like 30 years at the latest it just goes to absolute shit.

Also, _n_ seems to decrease proportionally with the amount of people involved.

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master -> main 

aka the easiest change you can do from the comfort of your keyboard to fix racism

Thousands of collective hours wasted by activists who could have been motivated to do something meaningful and impactful instead

All that was ultimately done was to give GitHub a free social good headline that they can parade around while keeping things like ICE collaboration on the down-low

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Imagine scheduling a virtual conference with worldwide attendees in anything other than UTC

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I've been recently learning C and the more I get to know it the more I like it.

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Money does not legitimize.

GitHub is not legitimate because Microsoft paid $7.5B for it. GitLab is not legitimate because they claim to be worth $2.7B.

Being a good member of the ecosystem in which you exist and helping society to thrive is what legitimizes a business.

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Let's make businesses which are cooperative, not exploitative

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@sir One would assume that a person competent enough to patch the kernel, will be able to configure their client for plain-text email, right?

Since the last Windows update at work my AltGr key just stopped working. It is still registered by Windows when I press it but nonetheless doesn't work.

I am absolutely astonished how Microsoft managed to fuck something like that up.

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The only long term solution for software freedom to prevail is to abandon W3C standards and begin the enterprise of creating a new, post-web Docuverse, uncompromised by corporate control.

Google can keep the WWW and browser absolutism, we can make something better.

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This captures why I've largely lost interest in developing for the web: It feels like any work I put into it is furthering Google's agenda, similar to how making iOS apps is furthering Apple's.

Working on native GTK apps, on the other hand, feels like I'm helping create a credible ethical alternative to those agendas.

Have I ever said how much I hate C# and .Net as a whole? Cause I really hate it.

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Some absolute schmuck is trying to scoop more private keys into the cloud, what a raging cunt.

If you want to be taken seriously by people to take security seriously, don't ask them to give you their private key.

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Still looking for a (PHP) job...
Preferably on something ethical and in The Netherlands...

This blew up quite a bit.
Here's the tweet to backup the claim regarding the threat management team, so I'm not just making baseless claims.

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So apparently Mozilla let go 250 employees including the threat management team.
To make it even worse they announce this in a blog post full of corporate doublespeak.

Also Mitchel baker has a salary of 2.5$ Mil which apparently couldn't be lowered so they at least wouldn't have had to let got the *threat management team*.

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