Am I the only one that is looking back to the "good old day" with Linux? Like 1999-2004?

I feel like that I am still looking for the same experience, the amazement and journey I had back then as a 9 year old kid.

When it comes to Linux-distros, I have not found "The One" yet, I have kinda settled down with #triquel and thats awesome, but I feel like there is something missing.

Maybe I should just change WindowManager this time

#linux #freedom #gnu #windowmanager


@selea Can recommend Sway as a WM. Currently using it together with void linux.

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Yes. Although I've never used i3, that's what the sway repo says.


oh, is'nt it drew devault that made this? I remember checking it out a while back


I'll check it out!
I was thinking about i3, BSPWN, and not sway.

I wonder if it works on Trisquel :trisquel:

@selea @bn4t i3 is a good beginner TWM as it is documented well. Bspwm is a bit more "advanced" and is good when you know what you want. Herbstluft (hΓΆstbris) is also a nice one...

All tilers is small and pretty much is contained in a dir. Easy to manage many. I have this part in my .xinitrc as a "launcher".


case $session in
bspwm ) run_bspwm;;
awesome ) run_awesome;;
snapwm ) run_snapwm;;
herbst ) run_herbstluftwm;;
i3wm ) run_i3;;

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