So apparently Mozilla let go 250 employees including the threat management team.
To make it even worse they announce this in a blog post full of corporate doublespeak.

Also Mitchel baker has a salary of 2.5$ Mil which apparently couldn't be lowered so they at least wouldn't have had to let got the *threat management team*.

This blew up quite a bit.
Here's the tweet to backup the claim regarding the threat management team, so I'm not just making baseless claims.

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@bn4t who cares about security? It only affects our end users, and they don't pay us!
@bn4t b.. but we fired our last CEO for voting un-woke! you can't criticize us now!

@bn4t Mozilla Corp. is just another shitty for profit silly-con valley corp. What else to expect when the management team/CEO get a shitload of money but they justify crapware and targeted ads bullshit "because we need to make money to pay salaries" ? As far as I remember, it's not the first time they fire people. Not to metion taking stupid decisions considering only the senior management team's number 1 "problem", A.K.A "How to keep making profit". Therefore acting against users interests…

@bn4t ah christ. i'd already been wary of mozilla the past while, but ffs

@bn4t I wonder what more expensive threat management contracting they brought in?

Because I guarantee they aren't going without.

at least not for long.

Maybe those people should gather and form some sort of organization that develops a slim, privacy focused browser. That would be great! Such a thing is really missing in the market.

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