@lightone It was refreshing. Definitely helped to relieve stress. Probably gonna do it again in the future.

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java feels like if the sunk cost fallacy was a programming language


I could imagine them rather just providing matrix.org as a stable HS for now (and being able to guarantee an actually stable and working HS) than maintaining a server list which is a lot more effort (and also somewhat risky for onboarding users in case the suggested HS is unstable or just disappears one day).

I really do hope though that they hold word and shut it down once nomadic identities arrive.


@lanodan I agree, a server listing like on joinmastodon.org would be nice for Matrix. TBH I also don't know why they haven't done it so far. However I don't believe there's a malicious intent behind it.


According to them[1] they have it because they want to provide a stable HS for new users and plan to kill it once some "publicly available stable HSes" pop up and account migration exists.

IMO waiting for account migration is not a bad argument to keep matrix.org running for the moment.
Also there currently aren't many public stable homeservers with open signups as far as I'm aware.

[1]: youtu.be/C2eE7rCUKlE?t=1228

@sir Hmm, isn't it their goal to shut down the matrix.org HS as soon as possible (i.e. when p2p matrix is ready; or at least move people off of matrix.org when nomadic identities are ready)?
From what I've heard they're pretty unhappy with running such a large and central homeserver.

@sir I'm curious, why do you think that matrix devs are incentivized to make bad decisions?

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@sir @lanodan imagine if any other business accepted the things software engineering accepts?

"Yeah sometimes your car doors just won't open. Restart it and see if that helps".

"We couldn't make this fridge run on the west coast power grid so we shipped it together with a complete miniature power grid that the user can dock into their kitchen."

"I know this microwave uses 4000W but have you seen the pretty UI?"

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@lanodan we have the absolute worst standards of any engineering discipline, we have a million poorly educated programmers using toy hammers and orbital lasers to build bridges out of popsicle sticks and children's toys out of refined uranium and everything is on fire and WHY ARE WE OKAY WITH THIS

I'm going to take a break from the fediverse for a month. See y'all on the other side.

every time I kill a mosquito I feel like I've just done something good for humanity.

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Not to forget the good news today: the SpaceX Crewed Dragon docked with the International Space Station moments ago

Nope, it was elementary. But thanks for the response :)

Yes, that's it. Thanks a lot.

Sometime ago I saw a linux distro on birdsite that was focused on usability and also cost something.

Anybody know by any chance what the name of this distro is? I can't seem to find it anymore.



Other than that it looks cool. Especially the Handshake integration.



While I don't know if it's VC funded it just looks like it's likely to be bought by some big data corp in the future. They just store some **really** valuable data for advertisers.

Also the Hardened Privacy Mode sounds a bit fishy. While the privacy laws in these countries may be stronger than in the U.S., the company and their data is still under U.S. legislation no matter where it's stored. Tbh this feature reminds me a bit of "military grade encryption".

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