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If you have an interesting hobby, please make videos about it and publish them on PeerTube

If you need help with PeerTube hosting and video equipment then please get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help you out

It really seems like they're forgetting their actual audience while focusing on a target audience that doesn't use their browser.

Examples of such behaviour are e.g. the Cliqz integration, automatic enabling of DoH (with cloudflare resolvers), the age of the ticket asking for firefox to respect the XDG base directory specification (which is still open) and many more.

I really hope Mozilla realizes their mistake before it's too late.

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As of lately I started using chromium for school stuff and I'm seriously starting to get worried about mozilla and firefox. Chromium is just so much better than firefox from a performance and UI/UX perspective.

Also it seems like mozilla is very focused on making a browser for non tech-literate people. However non tech-literate people don't use firefox. They use chrome.


Thank goodness I found this. Finally meaning in my life thanks to a mass gainer.

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From HN comments: "Gemini sites load so fast, it's a little crazy". Not at all, what's crazy is that we've come to accept as normal that downloading O(1000) words of text that we actually care about reading takes long enough to notice and sometimes might make your laptop fan spin up a little - in 2020!

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Renewed my domain today. Having my own website where nothing but the legal system is there to moderate my thoughts, is great. No one trying to make a profit out of my content, no one who limits your reach in order to sell you "promoted" content space, no privacy intrusion.

My creation, My place, My rules! And everyone who finds a platform they don't consider to respect them, should start an own website.

I'm amazed at how terrible the spotify app is.
Why can't a multimillion dollar company create a usable music player?

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OpenPGP Proofs
«This document describes a method of adding social proofs to OpenPGP keys in a way that can be independently verified by clients. This is similar to Keybase but decentralized.»

So, I just remembered that I once upon a time registered the user @CI-Bot ( ) on I however ended up never using the account.

Since it's a neat name I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking it over.
If no one is interested I'll just delete it.

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Zoom acquired Keybase today.

Keybase helped me to identify a trend in the software industry: using a pretty UI to cover up the disruption of an open ecosystem with a closed, centralized replacement. Keybase seemed cool on the face of it - making encryption easier is a laudible goal, and PGP certainly could use the improvement. But, thanks to Keybase, now I ask different questions upfront.

Beware the Keybase formula:

1. Integrates with an existing, open ecosystem
2. May have open-source clients, but server is closed source and does not federate
3. Pretty UI and good marketing
4. VC funded

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Riot Web/Desktop 1.6 + RiotX Android 0.19 + Riot iOS 0.11 IS HERE!!! E2E Encryption by default, Cross-signing & QR-codes for Device Verification, All New E2EE UI/UX + SO MUCH MORE making this our biggest release EVER! E2E will never be the same again 🎉🚀🍾


Just tested out the new Matrix cross-signing and it's amazing. Finally usable E2EE in Matrix.
I experienced some quirks when migrating my pre cross-signing devices, but I guess that's okay since it's still not officially released (?).

Either way great job @matrix team and the community!

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“Influencers are producing free content for a commercial platform that is making money off them. The platform is extracting the value of their labor”

I wish more influencers understood this and built a platform they own alongside their social profiles.

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